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I Can Press Keys 1.0

I Can Press Keys is a program for little children to learn letters and words
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I Can Press Keys is a fantastic application designed for little children that will help you to teach them letters and new words by displaying wonderful images and animations accompanied by sounds. To get an image displayed, all your child or you will have to do is press a key on the keyboard. For instance, if pressing the F key, a nice animation of fairies will appear. And if you press a '4' key, for example, the number, its spelling and the corresponding quantity of objects will appear on the screen one by one, thus also letting you teach your child counting. The images and scenes include lovely animals, instruments, a clock showing the exact time, and more.

The program is useful and rather original, though it is not very customizable. The only settings you can adjust are display mode and volume level.
I Can Press Keys is not free, but its price is affordable. The free trial version that you can download and test for 30 days, is interrupted with a message to register the program every 10-15 seconds when being played, which may be rather annoying; still this won't prevent you from evaluating the program. When testing the game myself, I noticed that an image for a certain letter is always the same, no matter how many times you will press it (so, for "E" it was always 'elephant', for "H" - 'house', etc.) I am not aware if the situation is different in the full version of the game, strongly doubt. As for me, this is surely a disadvantage.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Beautiful scenes and images
  • Great sounds
  • Affordable


  • Sometimes I couldn't quit the game when holding the Escape key
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